Address:4399 Nanhuan Road(E), Qingzhou City, Shandong Province

      Shandong Qingzhou Micro powder Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is an export-oriented enterprise with registered capital of RMB 19.8 million & taking area of 40000 ㎡, specializing in silicon carbide micro powder. At present, the company has been one of the largest professional manufacturers for silicon carbide micro powder with self-support import & export rights & annual output of silicon carbide micro powder for over 5000 tons. The company is the appointed high-tech enterprise of Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province (Approval 2010 ) with serial number of GR201037000345 and has now passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, our products is arwarded  "Shandong well-known trademark" as well.
 The silicon carbide micro-powder of our company applies mainly to abrasive material, engineering ceramics, conducting paint etc.And the 0.5um superfine SiC powder,which is used in engineering ceramic,is domestic first-class high-precision quality products,could compare to similar products in the United State.
 The abrasive material can be used in processing for low-tension paper material, brittle material, ultra hard material, silicon semiconductor material etc, such as cast iron, brass, aluminum material, stone material, glass, ceramic, hard alloy, monocrystal line silicon, piezocrystal and so on.
 The engineering ceramics,one of the main application are as of our product,can be made into high grade refractory. It mainly contains reactive sintering silicon carbide (RBSiC) products & recrystal silicon carbide (RSiC) products, such as decking, square girder, muzzle and other kiln tools under high-temperature conditions.The materials made by reactive sintering (RBSiC), pressureless sintering (SSiC) and silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide (NSiC) can be used for making heatproof, wearproof & corrosion resistant mechanical sealing components and vehicle brake linings, each kinds of sliding bearing & rolling bearing, each kinds of valve components, each kinds of nozzle for high-temperature, high-pressure & corrosive liquor & gas etc. As the gas scavenging & filtering material, DPF that made of SiC micro-powder is the necessary component of new-type auto-exhaust purification treatment with wide applicable prospect. The conducting paint,another application area of our product,mainly applies to the inside & outside paint of various multicolor kinescope, each kinds of marine paint etc.
 After several years’ development, the company has made many technological achievements. Our “High Purity Fine Ceramic Silicon Carbide Micro-powder” has got State Main New Product Certificate of five ministry of the country with the project number of 98GD41D7400042. Our self-developed jet mill has got the national patent and filled the gap of this area in our country.
 The new factory possesses a building area of over 80000 ㎡ and has been equipped with internal advanced online supervision, online control micro-powder production line and high-purity fine ceramic micro-powder production line etc. The former production equipments have also been renovated continually and the whole production flow has reached comparative advanced level. With advanced & complete supervision methods, our high-standard quality inspection center can make systematic & complete analysis & supervision for SiC Micro-powder.
 Developing the international market actively, the company has obtained superior economic benefits & social benefits and fulfilled the quick development. With excellent & stable performance, the products, 80% of which have been marketed across Japan, South Korea & USA and other countries and regions, and we have been highly appraised at home and abroad